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I am excited to share with the Montello parents and community our fall MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) results in Reading and Mathematics…/1E8g6EHvRuorHOCApld46VMVgNx…/edit. In the Montello School District we use MAP data as another measure of student learning. This helps guide our instruction as well as our goals for each student. It also helps us determine where progress is being made and also where to focus our efforts.

Our students tested in September and October 2015. The data primarily reflects the achievement from the previous school year but is compared nationally to other students who took the same assessment during the same timeframe. Please know that every few years the NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) re-norms the target score (RIT Mean) for each grade level by content. This was the case for 2015 as the previous target scores were from 2011. Therefore, we are unable to equate previous data to this year’s data but can still tell where our students are performing relative to the national average scores of their peers. I am happy to report that the achievement of Montello students in Reading and Mathematics is improving.

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