Special Education Services

          The Montello Special Education Department assesses, evaluates, designs, and implements individualized education services for students with educational disabilities.  Services are delivered in the regular education setting, in special education classrooms, in small group or one on one educational and therapeutic groupings.  If you are wondering if your child need support from the special education department please contact our School Psychologist Judy Tomlinson at jtomlinson@montelloschools.org.  

For more information on special education program areas in Wisconsin Public Schools, please visit the Department of Public Instruction Special Education Page at  http://dpi.wi.gov/sped/program.

Pupil Services Department 
               The Montello Pupil Services team works with students and staff on all topics related to student success in school.  Our team is comprised of the Pk-12 Counselor, Pk-12 Family and Community Support Liaison, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, At-Risk and Alternative Education Teacher,  School Nurse, and the Director of Pupil Services.  This team works with supports for students physical, social emotional, and mental health as well as the academic programming, career pathways, supportive and preventative structures.