The Maker Room

Create, innovate, and problem-solve with the MakerBot 3D printers in the Library Media Center.

Learn, unlearn, and relearn while creating, designing, and printing objects that connect with 21st century skills.


Maker Room Hours

(Discovery & Print w/ Mr. Bruckner)


Junior High Core 5/ Senior High 4th Hour (End of the Day)

2:30 PM---3:25 PM



Junior High Study Hall/ Senior High 8th Hour

1:48 PM--2:30 PM



Junior High Core 5/ Senior High Advisory

2:58 PM---3:24 PM

Teachers, The Maker Room is always open. Please just call ahead to arrange a time to bring a group.

Elementary, Junior High, Senior High and High Marq students, you can stop by anytime to print objects. All designs and objects must be approved by Mr. Bruckner before you can print them.