Montello School District Home School Partnership

Our Mission As part of our desire to help all students’ progress in their education, we are providing home school families with a stimulating environment that fosters cooperative, productive citizens and allows us to build partnerships. In other words, we are offering families a blended learning model, (Expanded Home School Partnership). Our goal is to reach the needs of home school families by providing resources and/or teacher assistance. With the understanding that every child learns differently, our intentions are to help all students discover success. We have experienced significant success thus far and have generated some excitement both as a school and with some of the home school families in the area. We want to continue our momentum and move forward with discussions on this program. We are always open to talk with parents and community members on progress and changes we are make in the Expanded Home School Partnership.  

How does it work? Our goal is to provide home school families with curriculum in subject areas of their choice at respective grade levels. For example, some parents may feel that their child should attend social studies, art, and physical education at school, but they want to provide reading, science, math, and music at home. This approach gives parents the flexibility to customize their child’s learning to fit what they feel is best.     Home school students participating in this program are placed in homeroom classes. They have the ability to be on campus for instruction on an as needed basis. Students are able to go on field trips, attend assemblies, join clubs, participate in classroom projects, including art, music, and/or P.E., as well as extra-curricular activities. Where are we in the process? Montello Schools are in the third year of implementing this program after a year of piloting a family of four. We currently have twenty plus students enrolled in the Expanded Home School Partnership ranging from 4K through grade 11. In the spring we will be hosting parent meetings in order to provide information, progress, and testimonies to interested families. Continue to check Montello School’s website for meetings in the spring. Go to our website, click on the Jr./Sr. High School tab, then Montello Virtual School.

Montello Virtual School Governance Council Agenda